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Rarely do we need 24 hours plumber to attend to our plumbing needs. However, sometimes such 24 hours emergency plumbing service is necessary. For example, when there is a pipe burst in the middle of the night and you are unable to stop the water from flowing or spraying out from the pipe.

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What to do when there is a pipe burst?

Don't panic when there is a pipe burst. The first thing you should check is whether there is a valve within your apartment or house that will shut the water from flowing through the affected pipes. If yes, just turn it off. If no, you may have to turn off the main pipe outside your house or at the ground floor if you are staying in an apartment. This will stop water from flowing into the pipe leading to your house or apartment. However, this means that you are unable to use any water once the main pipe is turned off. To avoid such a situation, it is always important to have several water valves fixed along the pipe especially pipes leading to taps and branching to several other pipes. With water valves in place, you know that you can just turn it off when there is a pipe burst or when you need to change tap; you need not turn off the main pipe.

Once the pipe is turned off, you may not need to call a 24 hours plumber because you can wait till the next day to fix the water pipe issue. By calling plumber for non-emergency plumbing service, the plumbing rates for changing or repairing pipes and other plumbing services should be much lower than that of emergency plumbing service.

Do you recommend 24 hours plumbing service to fix the plumbing issue immediately?

As mentioned, most of the plumbing work is not urgent. Getting a 24 hour plumber to your house in the middle of the night not only cost you more, the repair may not be as good as that performed in the day time due to insufficient lighting from lamp.

Therefore, if the plumbing service is not cheap and the repair may not be very good, do you think you should call a 24 hours plumber or emergency plumbing service if you can wait a little to get it fixed?

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Our plumbers are all ready for emergency and non-emergency plumbing situations. We have 24 hours plumber on standby as well as the usual office hours plumber. Just let us know what's your need. We will then send our quality plumbers to your premises for repair.

Water pipe burst is something you would not wish to face. However, if it really happens, you will have to overcome it. We can dispatch our 24 hours plumber or emergency plumber to quickly stop the pipe from bursting and repair or change the pipe.

Leaking tap is common. Some taps can be repaired but others should be replaced. Our plumbers will be able to advise you appropriately. Give us a call and discuss your tap repair and replacement issue now.

Your kitchen sink is choked, leaking or broken, our plumbers are here to address your kitchen sink problems. We promise to save you from your plumbing nightmare.

Basin installation to replace your existing basin? Let our plumbers know so that you can leave the task to us without having to worry about the quality of basin installation.


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