Annual Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Making Sure that Minor Plumbing Issues are fixed early

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You will regard your residence as one of the most significant investments made in your life if you resemble other homeowners. With that said, it is only logical for you to want to defend and shield that investment from any peril or impairment. You're probably wondering - what exactly is he referring to as a destructive being towards my assets? The answer is water! Yes, the essential element to life on earth, though in many walks of life a superior asset to have, is a destroyer when it comes to a home. That is why it is necessary for this enemy to be controlled and why proper plumbing maintenance checklist is so very important to the existence and quality of your home.

Plumbing maintenance checklist doesn't sound too daunting to have a small insignificant leak of moisture inside of your home, however, like the Chinese used as a weapon of torture, a small drop of water over a long period can do relentless damage to your home. Just a gradual amount of water can damage paint; it can encourage mould buildup, it can rot wooden beams and trusses, saturate insulation, short out wiring and encourage rust; the list is ongoing. There are, numerous preventive plumbing maintenance checklist. It may seem like no easy task for an individual to tamper with their plumbing components without any knowledge. Therefore many professional plumbing companies will inspect and perform maintenance for you to your plumbing.

Yearly Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

One of the most common surprise building repair costs contained in their plumbing maintenance checklist is plumbing issues. Pipes and valves carry water throughout and underneath entire homes and buildings, and disaster can strike quickly, leading to expensive building repair bills.

In this plumbing maintenance checklist you'll find some useful preventative maintenance solutions to keep your indoor and outdoor plumbing running in prime condition, and likely saving you money in the long run.

Check Water Heaters Regularly

Water heaters hold a significant amount of water, so when there is a leak or rupture, you or your tenant is in for a big mess. In general, many water heaters last around 15 years but should be checked regularly for leaks, rusting, and to ensure the fittings are still in good shape.

Laundry Rooms

We remember to check bathrooms and kitchens for possible plumbing issues, and those rooms are where most plumbing building repair expenses originate. However, don't forget to check the laundry room. A washer fills up twice during each load; once to get the clothing wet, and then again later to rinse the soap away. Both times, drainage goes through a series of tubes and fittings, both of which are susceptible to leakage. Check hoses for brittle spots, cracks, or blisters, and ensure to turn the water off at the valve before leaving home for a long period.

Know Where Your Main Water Shutoff Valve Is

There is nothing worse than knowing you have a giant leak and realizing that you don't know where or how to turn off the main water valve. Shutting off the main water valve can save you thousands of dollars in building repair costs, as you will significantly reduce the spillage volume.

Trees And Outdoor Plumbing

Despite not having a tree within several feet of your home or business, a tree's roots can spread amazingly far, and cause big plumbing problems. The tree roots can put so much pressure on underground plumbing that it can burst the pipes. This means you could potentially have both indoor and outdoor plumbing building repair expenses! Look into how the trees on your lot are configured about your pipe structure. Plastic root guards are available to help guide roots away from important plumbing fixtures. Consider hiring a professional building repair company to complete this task if you have many trees.

How To Identify A Hidden Leak

If your water bills seem abnormally high, or all of a sudden spike up, it might be a good idea to have a facility maintenance company inspect your plumbing. A sewage smell or other bad smell coming from sinks or toilets might also indicate that some building repair is needed. Damp patches on floors or walls could indicate a pipe leak behind the walls. Slow drainage of a shower could indicate a future issue, as could the need to repeatedly flush a toilet.

Annual Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

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