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Basin installation and repair is common and it is another area which frequently requires attention. After 4 to 6 years of use, the basin stopper and flange usually begin to give you problems. Many stopper are now attached to the basin and the stopper is locked and released by pressing and activating the spring. Continuous pressing of the stopper over time can lead to the malfunctioning of basin stopper. As such, we frequently receive request to replace the whole set of stopper, spring and flange of the basin. Sometimes, it may make more sense to install a new basin totally if it just cost a little more. Take a look at our plumbing charges for various installation.

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The replacement or installation of basin or bathroom sink is probably one of the most challenging tasks for bathroom maintenance and repair personnel. This task usually requires 2 person to performed because of the weight of the basin. You need someone to lift the basin and help to install. As such, it is not recommended that you do it alone by yourself. Moreover, the drain pipe connecting to the sink must be fixed properly to avoid drain pipe leakages. Leaking pipe may damage the carpentry cabinet or storage around. As such, we seriously recommend you to seek professional plumber assistance when it comes to basin installation and replacement.

Tips on Basin Installation - Connecting Basin Pipes and Sink Trap

When it comes to the installation of basin, it involves the fixing the tap and water pipes. Water is usually carried around the home in copper pipes or stainless steel pipes while waste or sewage is carried away with plastic pipes. You should take note of the following points when replacing and installing a basin:

  1. Turn off the water valve to stop the water supply before you start any basin installation or replacement.
  2. Make sure that there is sufficient space (i.e. enough width and depth) for the basin which you are going to install. Don't forget that there should be extra space under the basin for the drain pipes and sink trap.
  3. Water pipes may vary in sizes. Most frequently used pipes have diameter of 10mm and 15mm. Make sure you have the right type of pipes and connectors for the connection to the tap and pipes.
  4. Take the opportunity to check for water pipe corrosion. If there is corrosion to the water pipes, you should consider changing them at the same time. High quality stainless steel pipes tend to be more resistance to corrosion compared to copper pipes.

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Water pipe leaking issue to be resolved? Wondering which plumber should you engage to fix the pipe leakage issue? It is time for you to call us to sort this out.

Leaking tap is common. Some taps can be repaired but others should be replaced. Our plumbers will be able to advise you appropriately. Give us a call and discuss your tax repair and replacement issue now.

Install a new kitchen sink is never easy. Not only you have to fix the sink, you also have to fix the tap, sink trap, etc. Why don't you leave the installation to us? Our plumber will do the necessary.

Toilet Flush System is malfunctioning and you could not flush your toilet bowl. Give us a ring and we shall send our Flushing Specialist to look at the Toilet Flush and repair it for you.


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