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Bathroom accessories installation and replacement is very common nowadays whether we are fixing them in the new house or in the existing house of the bathroom. With increase in affluence and the aesthetic need of Singaporeans, the demand for replacing or upgrading bathroom accessories after a few years of use has also increased.

We understand your plumbing needs extend beyond just fixing taps and repairing water pipes. Fixing bathroom accessories like soap dish, toilet paper rack and mirror becomes an added service for customers. Therefore, we enlarge our scope of plumbing services to serve you better. It is our goal to ensure that your bathroom accessories are properly replaced and installed. For wall mounted bathroom or toilet accessories like racks, hooks and holder, it is our duty to ensure that we perform the necessary drilling on the wall and secure the the accessories properly. When we drill, we make sure that there is no concealed pipes running in the wall.

Bathroom Items which are Frequently Replaced or Installed

Other than the taps, the shower head is one of the most frequently replaced bathroom accessories because it spoils more easily due to dropping and knocking. Besides shower head, toilet bowl seats are also frequently replaced depending on how the users handle them. They tend to last longer for people who handle the seats gently.

Some home owners request for bidet installation which were not popular in the past. Other owners realized that they need additional shampoo rack and soap dish after they have stayed in their home for a period of time. They would then request for such installation service from us. We even go to the extend of installing shower curtains and additional mirrors for our clients.

Install Bathroom Accessories

Things to Note when Replacing or Installing Bathroom Accessories

Experience counts when it comes to dismantling existing fixture installing new bathroom accessories. With our installation experts, let us perform the dismantling of racks, mirrors or other accessories, so that you are not exposed to the risk of injury. Moreover, we will try and use back the same holes (from screws) on the wall when we install the new rack or cabinet so that we minimize the number of holes drilled on the tiles and walls. This means we leave behind no or few unsightly holes on the wall from the previous racks or cabinets. Having said that, we will only use the existing holes if they are safe to do so. Our responsible worker will ensure that the holes are patched up nicely to minimize the unsightly appearance on the wall. We trained our staff to go that extra mile because we believe such additional service truly completes our installation and create great satisfaction to the home owner.

When new holes need to be drilled, we use proper equipment (i.e. drill tools and drill bits) to create the holes. These equipment can be dangerous when handled by an inexperience person. Moreover, if the holes created by the drill is too big, it may not hold the racks and mirrors securely.

An experienced repairman will also be able to advise you on the height of the bathroom accessories to be installed. If they are installed too high or too low, you may find it inconvenient to use.

Our Bathroom Accessories Installation and Replacement Service

Our plumbers are well-trained and experience to replace or install any bathroom accessories, taps, pipes, sink, etc. Just give us a call at (+65) 6871-8768 or email us so that we can discuss further with you and provide you with a reasonable installation fee. Our repair services include clearing choked drainage pipe and unclogging choked toilet bowl clearing.

You may wish to check out our plumbing advice, plumbing checklist and recommended plumbing tools.

Our plumbing experts are available to help you with all kinds of plumbing issues. From tap replacement to clearing choked water system.

You can rest assured that our competitive fees will meet your financial expectation. Not the cheapest in Singapore be definitely one of the most competitive rates in Singapore.

Water pipe leaks can be messy and frustrating. Our plumbers are here to address the issue and ease your frustration. Just give us a call to get it fixed now.

Tap malfunctioning? Let us fix it for you. Our tap repair service performed by plumbing professionals will meet or even exceed your expectations. Contact us now.

We will be glad to help you to replace your kitchen sink. Being an expert in kitchen sink replacement, our plumbers will be the best person to call when it comes to any kitchen sink issue.

Basin problems can be easily dealt with by our plumbing specialists. We shall send them to your house quickly knowing that you may loose sleep over it.


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