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Fixing Bathtub Leaking, Crack and Other issues

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Bathtub repair is never an easy task. For repair of bathtub because of leaking bathtub, leaking taps, choked drain pipe, cracked bathtub, etc., it is normal to call a plumber instead of a renovation contractor who would replace your bathtub instead. Some plumber may replace and install a new bathtub for you but most of them do not provide such installation service.

Bathtub Care and Maintenance

It is important to take good care of your bathtub and maintain it properly to avoid short-term bathtub problems. You may wish to observe the following to save some bathtub repair costs:

  1. Detergents used to clean the bathtub should be non-abrasive so that it does not damage the surface of the bathtub;
  2. With hair and other debris washed into the bathtub drain pipe, the drain pipe may be easily clogged. You should clear it with drain pipe cleaner or declogger and hot water every 2 to 3 months. This will prevent the clogging of drain pipe of the bathtub.
  3. Check for bathtub cracks and quickly engage a plumber to seal up. Otherwise, there will be mildew growth and leads to cleaning difficulties. In addition, if the cracks gets bigger and deeper, you may face the problem of leaking bathtub.
  4. Check that the stopper is working properly. Overtime, the stopper may not close and release properly. If this happens, it is time to change the stopper.

Selecting the Right Bathtub for Installation

If you are going to replace the bathtub that is giving you problem, let us provide you with some tips on selecting the right bathtub for your bathroom.

  1. Selecting the bathtub with right size or dimension. Make sure you do your homework of measuring the space available before you buy it.
  2. If you have a big bathtub, make sure you have a water heater which can support the supply of hot water. Otherwise, you will be soaking in water which is not hot enough.
  3. Check with the plumber or contractor whether the flooring under the bathtub need a layer of reinforcement or water-proofing.

Plumbing Service by our Plumbing Specialists

With our experienced and well-trained plumbers, you can be assured that your bathtub repair needs are met. You may wish to know that we also provide all plumbing services including bathroom accessories installation and replacement, clearing choked toilet bowl, tap repair and replacement. Just call us at (+65) 6871-8768 for bathroom repair and installation service as well as other plumbing services. You can also email us at for a fee quotation on any plumbing services.

It can be any plumbing issue you face. You know we have the expertise to deal with them. Our plumbers can be deployed any time. Contact us now.

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