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Is bidet installation necessary? Yes if you are particular on hygiene.

A bidet is frequently installed in the toilet for personal hygiene purpose.bidet installation It is an instrument to wash your private parts (i.e. anus and genitals) where you excrete waste.

In the past, bidet is another item which look like a toilet bowl but was installed with taps for washing the private parts. In modern households, bidet has evolved into two different types – manual handheld type and automatic electrical type.

The manual handheld bidet is a shower-head look alike instrument. It is also called the spray bidet. Instead of shifting yourself to the bidet in the traditional type, you can now bring the bidet to you and wash your private parts. Manual bidet is sometimes used for cleaning the toilet as you can use it to spray water on the floor and wall of the toilet when you are cleaning it.

The automatic bidet or electric bidet is commonly found in public toilets in Japan and it sprays water to wash your private parts. The newer version of electric bidet sprays soap water and warm water to clean your private parts. The latest electrical bidets even incorporate a dryer which blows dry your private parts after washing. Such heated bidet with soap water and dryer is premium bidet. Such high-tech bidet is also known as quality bidet.

Comparing the manual and electric bidet, electric bidet is far more superior in terms of hygiene washing because your hand will not be in contact with your private parts. Therefore we encourage you to install the electric bidet if you have the budget to do so. Otherwise, the manual bidet is the next best alternative in washing your private parts after excretion.

More reasons to Install a Bidet

As mentioned earlier, bidet offers a more hygienic way of cleaning your private parts after visiting the toilet. Besides this advantage, it also helps to reduce the usage of toilet paper and save the earth. In an aging population, the electric bidet will be very useful in cleaning the aged parents with mobility issue.

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Engaging a Professional Plumber for Bidet Installation, Replacement and Repair

At Plumber Singapore, our plumbing experts are trained to install both manual and electrical bidet for you. We have the necessary knowledge and skill for the installation without damaging your pipes or toilet. When you are looking for a plumber, make sure that they are a licensed plumber like us. We are always ready to assist our clients in their plumbing needs in any way possible. Our professional plumbers provide wide-range of plumbing services including the installation and repair of water heater, taps, pipes, etc. We charge our customers reasonably as we believe that they deserve high quality plumbing services at affordable prices.

Please call us at (+65) 6871-8768 or email us to request for a fee quote. Our customer service assistants would be glad to assist you with selecting the most suitable bidet sprays for your toilet. Call us today for exclusive rates. We should be one of the more affordable plumbers you can find.

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