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Fixing and Replacing Toilet Bowl

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Toilet bowl repair or replacement can be a tough job. Luckily it is one of the least occurred plumbing issue because most toilet bowls are durable. Having said this, toilet bowl repair when occurred, can be a real headache especially if your house or apartment only has one toilet bowl to be shared among 3 or 4 persons.

Other than toilet bowl choked, toilet bowl cracked and leaked are the most common toilet bowl issues. Cracked toilet bowl may be due to knocks against hard objects. Leaked toilet bowl may be poor workmanship during toilet bowl installation or wear and tear over long period of use.

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What should you do when Toilet Bowl Cracked or Leaked? Change Toilet Bowl?

As you need time to purchase a new toilet bowl and get the plumber to replace the cracked or leaked toilet bowl, you have to bear with the cracked or leaking toilet bowl for the moment. As such, you should carry out some temporary remedy while waiting for the replacement.

First, turn off the water valve supplying water to the flushing tank or reservoir. Then, empty the flushing tank and toilet bowl.

As we are going to seal the crack or leak temporarily, we have to dry the porcelain toilet bowl with a clean before applying sealant or glue. Without drying it, the sealant or glue will not stick and you may waste your effort. Let the toilet bowl completely dry for a while before applying the sealant or glue. If you are using glue, you should use polyurethane glue as it is suitable for such repair. However, more commonly, you will find the two-part epoxy glue. This glue is also suitable. After applying the glue or sealant, let it dry thoroughly.

When you test the toilet bowl, don't turn on the valve which fills the flushing tank. Instead use a pail and pour some water into the toilet bowl. Check if the leak or crack is sealed before you turn on the valve and resume using.

As this is a temporary remedy and you will not know how long the glue or sealant will hold the crack or leak, please contact the plumber as soon as possible and replace the toilet bowl. Our toilet bowl repair specialists will be glad to change your toilet bowl for you. Just contact us for a favorable fee in respect of changing or repairing of toilet bowl.

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