Cleaning the Mess After Plumbing Works

Task of Cleaning after Plumbing Work

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Cleaning the Plumbing Mess

Imagine clearing a choked toilet bowl or clogged drain pipe filled with dirty water and waste. Can you imagine how messy it will end up? Plumbing work is never pleasant especially when you have to deal with toilet bowl and drain pipe. It is worst if you have to handle sewage pipes. More and more people avoid this profession because of the unpleasantness. With less and less people willing to provide plumbing service, it is only natural that the fee for plumbing works keep rising. Our company tries to keep our plumbing fee low so that more people in Singapore can enjoy affordable plumbing service. It is important for home owners to have a yearly inspection and clearing of drain pipes, sewage pipes and toilet bowl to prevent clogging of the system. With preventive measures, you may not have to face huge problem of choked toilet bowl or clogged drain pipe. It may be more cost effective over the long run as the fee for annual preventive maintenance is low compare to one-off service in clearing choked system.

Cleaning and unclogging the sink

How to deal with the Cleaning after the Plumbing Work?

Having to deal with the cleaning after the plumbing work is no fun. Do you have a solution (i.e. to avoid cleaning the mess left behind by the plumbers)? If no, let us introduce you to cleaning services provided by professional cleaners. Whether it is home cleaning or office cleaning after the plumbing work, you can engage the service of the cleaning company. The only thing you need to coordinate is the timing of the cleaner. You have to synchronize the cleaner's arrival after the plumbing service. For simple plumbing work like changing tap or fix leaking pipes, it should not take more than one hour. As such, you may schedule the cleaner's arrival an hour or so after the arrival of the plumber. For more complex plumbing service like clearing choked toilet bowl, trouble shooting toilet flush, etc., it is advisable to schedule the cleaner to come 2.5 hours to 4 hours after the plumber's arrival. In between the arrival of cleaner and the departure of the plumber, you may read your newspapers or watch a television program. Just relax and sit back and let professional cleaners perform the home cleaning tasks for you.

Clearing the dirt after plumbing service

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Budget Plumbing Service

We understand that people normally don't set aside money for plumbing work. The need to pay for unforeseen plumbing problems can be an issue. Our low cost plumbing service will definitely meet your needs in resolving your plumbing issue without putting a strain on your financial.


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