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To install shower head or change new shower head is a simple task if your shower system is the conventional type without concealed pipes and wall mounted rain shower head. The simplest to change will be those connected to tankless water heater with no concealed pipes. You can easily change the shower head and hose yourself. The only common problem most of you may face when replacing the shower head is water leaking at the connecting point to the shower hose. Most of the time it is because the plumbing thread seal tape was not used to securely fasten the connection between the shower and the hose.

Sometimes you are encouraged to change the shower head because of newer and nicer designs with added features like jet showering ability which can possibly be therapeutic. Furthermore, some shower heads have the ability to save water and reduce water consumption. So you buy into the idea of the new features or of spending a little now for saving alot more later.

The only worry which you may have is whether the shower head fits nicely with your shower faucet. This is especially so with the different types of fanciful shower systems available nowadays, the replacement of shower head and shower faucets are no longer so straight forward. Sometimes you may wish to change the who shower system because the shower head is not compatible with the rest of the shower faucets and it does not cost too much to change the whole system. Moreover, changing the whole shower system means you can potentially avoid repairing the existing parts few months' down the road.

Install Shower Head

Should You Change the Shower Head Yourself

If it is just the usual conventional shower head, you can save some money by doing it yourself. The level of difficulty is low and as such, it is worth trying. Moreover, after you have changed once, you have the experience to change the shower heads of your other bathrooms in the future.

However, if it is the shower system or the rain shower head, we advise that you get the plumbing expert to replace or repair it. Not only the level of difficulty is higher, you may potential spoil certain parts which require greater cost of repair.

fixing shower head
fixing shower head

Plumbers Specialize in Shower Head and Shower Faucet Installation

We have a specialized group of plumbers who are very experience in shower head, shower faucet and shower system installation. They are skilled to replace or install such showering items so be rest assured that it is a small price to pay for getting the most complex showering system fixed. Just call our specialists at (+65) 6871-8768 or email us with the shower system pictures to get a fee quotation.

You have found the right plumber for quality plumbing service. It is the Company's policy to ensure that all plumbing work is done properly and responsibly. Call us or email us to understand more about our plumbing service. We can say that we provide reasonably cheap plumbing services as compared to many plumbers.

Whether it is copper or stainless steel water pipe, you can count on us to repair, install and extend. Let our professionals plumbers attend to your water pipe issue and repair it.

Time to get a plumber to replace your leaking tap. The best plumber to do so is just a phone call away. Please dial (+65) 6871-8768 to contact us.

Replacing a new kitchen sink should be a challenging task if you intend to do it yourself. Perhaps you should engage our plumbing service to get your kitchen sink replaced so that you need not sweat it out at all.

If you are replacing your basin, we have experienced plumbers to help you with the replacement. Pick up your phone now and call us now.


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