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Plumbing Prices quoted by plumbers can vary depending on the quality and experience of plumbers as well as the tools they use. If they invest in more effective tools like electrical drain snake and electrical pumping device, you can expect the plumbing service to be more expensive because it should generally take less time to overcome your plumbing problems. Remember the cheapest plumber may not be a good plumber. You should always look for affordable plumber providing quality plumbing service.

Competitive Plumbing Price

Range of Plumbing Prices in General (without Complications or other related Plumbing Problems)

Description of Plumbing ServicesGeneral Plumbing Prices or Rates*
Clear Choked Toilet Bowl$80 to $300
Replace and Install Tap$80 to $200
Fix Water Pipe Leakage$100 to $350 (also depending of the length of pipe to be replace, if required)
Replace Bottle Trap for Kitchen Sink$80 to $150
Replace Sink$75 to $180
Clear Choked Floor Trap$75 to $180
Detect Water Leakage of Concealed Pipes$150 to $380 for residential properties
$500 to $800 for commercial properties
Additional Charges for Transport$10 to $30 for weekend and after office hour
Supply and Install Toilet Bowl$250 to $400
Supply and Install Basin$150 to $300
Replace Water Heater$250 to $500
Convert Squatting to Sitting Toilet$500 to $800

*Plumbing charges may be higher if there are complications.

Plumbing Rates Quoted by Us

We are very transparent in our plumbing fee quote and will communicate with you if there are other costs like transport and material cost if you need to pay. We believe in quality plumbing services at affordable prices. We do not claim that we are the cheapest plumbers but we are certain that we are one of the most affordable plumbers with excellent service. Call us now at or email us at for plumbing price quotation. There is no obligation to use our service for a request for our rates.

Good Planning to keep Plumbing Rates Low

Check if the Plumbing Fee Quoted is Reasonable

We always encourage our clients to obtain a few fee quotes for  plumbing works. This will give you a good understanding of the average cost of plumbing repair and maintenance. With these quotes, take the average and your plumbing cost should be around this rate. Remember, the cheapest may not be the best. Go for a reasonable plumbing rate with quality repair and maintenance which will last you for years.

Reasonable Plumbing Rates in Singapore

Let us provide you with high standard of plumbing service at reasonable rates. Our plumbers are well-trained, highly experienced and extremely helpful when it comes to rectifying your plumbing issues.

We also provide 24 hours plumbing service to cater to urgent needs.

Does leaking water pipe can make you loose sleep? If yes, it's time to approach our plumbing experts to address the problem.

Tap repair and installation service if not done properly may require another visit by the plumber. This is especially so when securing the tap. If it is not secured properly to the basin or sink, it may come loose in a few weeks' time. Call our plumbing specialist now to help you with tap repair and installation.

Our plumbers can easily replace and install your kitchen sink for you. Just call us and discuss about your plumbing needs and we shall carry out the plumbing work shortly.

Going to install a new basin for your bathroom? Our plumbers will be glad to help you with the basin installation. Just contact us and tell us your requirement.


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