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Tap repair service is usually requested by customers when tap is leaking or when its handle is spoiled. It is one of the most common plumbing problems. Ignoring a leaked tap is not a long term solution as it results in significant water wastage over a period of time. Moreover, leaking tap is usually a simple repair which you should not ignore as it may deteriorate to a situation where you have to replace the tap which should cost more. Therefore, it is crucial to fix a leaking tap as early as possible.

Tap Repair and Replacement

Replace a Different Tap

Some owner may wish to replace their old taps which require the turning of knobs to new taps which they just need to lift the lever or handle. Replacing taps can be easily performed by experienced plumbers but may be a difficult task for non-plumbers. The difficult part is to ensure that the taps are fixed well without leakages.

If you need to fix the cold and hot water supply to the taps, the installation becomes more difficult. Some home owners buy a tap with totally different design and realize that it is not suitable for their basin. For instance, if you have a bowl like basin, you can use a tall tap. But if you have a shallow and flat basin, installing a tall tap not only looks weird, the water flowing from such height may splash out of the basin easily. Consulting a plumber before buying a tap with totally different design is advisable.

Why is my Tap Leaking? Should I request for Tap Repair Service?

There can be many reasons why your tap is leaking, and figuring out the main cause of a tap leakage can help save time and money in repairing your leaking tap.

Problem in the parts

Often, the source of a leaking tap lies in the parts of a faucet. These parts can come loose, or become corroded over time, and cease to work properly. Parts like the O-ring, valve seat, washer and seals may be forced to rub against each other when the tap is being used. Over time, the friction causes these parts to wear out and loosen, which results in a leaking tap. In general, tap leakages due to faulty faucet parts can be easily fixed by replacing the faulty components with new ones.

Loose handle

Continuous usage of the tap can cause the parts of the tap handle to become loose. Over time, this causes the tap to leak near the handle. Unlike cases when there is a problem in the parts of the faucet, a loose handle can be easily fixed by tightening the packing nuts of the taps or replacing them.

Broken pipes or fittings

In some rare cases, the leaking tap may be due to broken pipes or fittings that would affect the water pressure in the tap, causing it to leak easily. Fixing this issue would require the assistance of professional plumbers as it may be difficult to identify the broken pipes or fittings. Replacing the faulty parts would also require experience so that the tap leaking issue can be fixed effectively and efficiently. As such, it would be wisest to contact a reliable plumbing service to assist you with fixing the tap leakage.

leaking tap repair
leaking tap problem

Why Hire Professional Plumbers?

While some of the tap leaking issues can be easily fixed by simply replacing the faulty components with new ones, identifying the correct source of the leaking problem and fixing it effectively requires a lot of experience which ordinary homeowners may not have. Often, inexperienced homeowners would wrongly identify the source of the leakage or fix the tap inadequately, which would result in additional costs of repair that could have been avoided had they contacted a professional plumber in the first place. Thus, it is always wisest to leave things to the experts before things get worse.

Expert in Changing Tap and Repairing Tap

We are licensed professional plumber in Singapore that offer a variety of plumbing services from fixing leaking taps to unclogging choked drains. Our plumbers are well-trained in fixing small and big plumbing issues faced in the household and are dedicated to serving our customers. We charge reasonable rates for high quality and effective services as we believe that our customers deserve trustworthy plumbing services at an affordable price. Our plumbing service should not cost you much. With our plumbers, homeowners can rest assured that their plumbing issues are solved efficiently and effectively, without a worry at all.

If you would like to know more about the services and packages that we offer for fixing leaking taps, or would like to make an appointment with our specialists for our plumbing services, please call us at (+65) 6871-8768 for more information.

Repair Tap and Install Tap

Let us provide the plumbing service and solve your plumbing issue. Judge us from the service we have provided. We are pretty sure that you won't be disappointed. Even if it cost a little more for the plumbing service, you will find it worthwhile.

Let us repair your leaking water pipe and avoid further water wastage. Our plumber is always on standby for your call.

We run the piping of Water Heater when it comes to the installation. Our partner an electrical specialist for such installation so that the plumbing aspect is well taken care of.

The plumbing specialist is here to repair or replace your kitchen sink. Before you engage our service, you may wish to call us to seek advice on the type of kitchen sink that is suitable for replacement.

Not only a basin should look nice, it should also be installed properly to live up to the expectation. Call our plumber today to install your basin so that the it combines both beauty and functionalities to serve you.


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