Toilet Flush Repair and Dual Flush Installation

Ensuring Your Toilet Bowl Flushing System Works Perfectly

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Toilet flush repair is quite a common plumbing issue. Maybe the flush system is not working and no water is flushed down from the tank or reservoir. Sometimes, it can be the other way round; that means, the water keeps flushing or flowing from the tank. If you encounter such an issue, the flushing mechanism in the tank may be due for repair or replacement. If the flow of water from the tank is more like leaking, it may be the fault of rubber gasket between the tank and toilet bowl.

Toilet Flushing System Repair and Toilet Reservoir
Toilet Flush Handle Repair

Plumber to Resolve Flushing Problem or DIY Toilet Flush Repair

For toilet bowl flushing repair, we do not recommend the do-it-yourself approach. It takes much experience to change the toilet bowl system and rubber gasket effectively. For someone who only does it once every few years, it may take you one who day to fix it. The repair can be more difficult with dual flush toilet system.

Changing Rubber Gasket Between Tank and Toilet Bowl

For change in rubber gasket between tank and toilet bowl, such toilet flushing repair is not easy. You have to lift the tank which is frequently quite heavy and place it in the position accurately before securing it. Most of the time, leakages from the tank to the toilet bowl will occur for inexperience person changing the rubber gasket.

Do-it-Yourself Toilet Flush Repair

If you are carrying out the toilet flushing repair yourself which involves the changing of flushing mechanism in the tank, you must make sure that you buy the correct type of flushing mechanism. Before you perform any repair, make sure to turn off the water supply to the tank. This is the most basic task you have to know. For do-it-yourself repair, you may wish to change the whole mechanism instead of troubleshooting which part is at fault and just change the part. As mentioned, it takes an experience plumber to accurately troubleshoot and pinpoint the right part of the flushing mechanism to change. As such, for DIY flushing repair, just change the whole flushing mechanism will be the fastest and easiest. If you are changing the dual flushing mechanism, you will need more luck.

Toilet Flush and Reservoir Repair

Our Toilet Flushing Repair Expert

Our plumbing specialists are well-trained and experienced to deal with any toilet flushing repair. They are skilled in replacing toilet flushing mechanism and rubber gasket. Just pick up your phone and dial (+65) 6871-8768 to arrange for the repair. You can also email us and send us a video of your flushing problem.

toilet flush reservoir repair

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