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Toilet repair can range from pipe leaking problems to water proofing issue. It is important to diagnose the cause of the problem so as to fix it effectively and avoid further complications.

The most common toilet repair request are:

  1. Choked Toilet Bowl
  2. Leaking Bathtub
  3. Malfunctioning Toilet Flush
  4. Tap Issue
  5. Drainage Issue
  6. Water Pipe Issue
  7. Water Heater Replacement

When dealing with toilet repair and trouble-shooting, it is best to leave it to the professional plumber who are well-trained to handle the plumbing situation.

Toilet Repair by Professional Plumber

The risk of rectifying the toilet problems yourself is that you may make it worst or put your self at risk. There were instances where hands are stuck in the toilet bowl or drainage pipe. Without proper tools, it can be very challenging when trying to overcome the toilet problems.

Perhaps you should just give us a call at (+65) 6871-8768 and sit back and relax. We shall fix it for you in a short while. Why sweat it out for such repair? Why attend to the toilet repair yourself when we are just a phone? We are always here for you.

Toilet repair due to choking of toilet bowl or toilet sink is common. It is always good to keep a plunger with you. It is useful whenever there is a choked toilet bowl or clogged toilet sink. To avoid dirtying your hands, you may just call our plumber to attend to it.

When bathtub leaks, it is never easy to fix because you need to trace the source of leak. Let our bathtub plumbing expert resolve this issue for you. With the right equipment, diagnosing the source of leakages will be much easier.

Toilet Flush system repair

When toilet flush is leaking or malfunctioning, you frequently need to change the toilet flushing component or system in the toilet flushing reservoir. It is likely that the system is no longer working properly. By finding and replacing it with a suitable system or component, the toilet flush should not leak anymore.

We are able to attend to your tap installation and repair request quickly. Give us a call now to get your tap fixed.

Don't let water pipe problems make you unhappy. We have the solution for you. Our plumbers are ready to take on the load of resolving the water pipe issue.

Toilet Repair by Our Plumber

We are the trusted Plumber in Singapore for many years. Our reliable plumbing service at reasonable price make sure that customers get most value out of the toilet repair or other plumbing service. At Plumber Singapore, our staff trained well to handle all plumbing situation.

Enquire about our Toilet or Bathroom Repair Service

Our plumbing service provides a one-point contact for all your plumbing needs. Whether your toilet repair is due to burst pipe or just repairing cracked sink, our plumbers will serve you well.

For toilet repair or plumbing services, just call us at (+65) 6871-8768. Our customer service personnel look forward to your call and assign a plumber to your location quickly. You may drop us an email if this is preferred.


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