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Drain snake is frequently used to unclog badly choked drain pipe. Let us understand more about choked drain pipe and what you can perform before calling a plumber to use a drain snake.

Clogged or choked drain pipe occurs due to a variety of reasons. While it is possible to unclog your drain pipe yourself, it is recommended that you engage a reliable plumber to inspect your drain pipe before the best and most suitable solution is deployed.

How to Clear a Clogged Drain Pipe?

Clogged drain pipe can be effectively cleared using different tools. A plunger is the most frequently used manual tool to unclog the drain pipe. You just have to push and release the plunger so that the pressure or suction created by it forces the materials blocking the pipe to clear. However, if the plunger fails, you may have to try other ways.

plunger to unclog choked drain pipe
manual drain snake to clear choked drain pipe

Manual Drain Snake Device to Clear the Choking Drain Pipe

If you engage a plumber, the plumber will have more specialized tools to unclog the drain pipe. Some plumbers use the manual drain snake. It is a long metal coil or spring which is flexible to extend itself into the drain pipe and penetrate the materials blocking the drain pipe.

Electrical Drain Snake Device to Unblock Clogged Drain Pipe

Modern plumbers would use the electrical drain snake which means more powerful and faster clearing of choked drain pipe. The same metal coil or spring is attached to a rotating or drilling device and automatically turn and penetrate which it is switched on. It is very effective and the choked drain pipe should clear within 10 to 15 minutes.

electrical drain snake to unclog drain pipe

Maintenance of Drain Pipe after Unclogging

Once it is cleared, it is advisable that you pour hot water and drain pipe clearing gel or cleaners (which you can purchase in super market) periodically to maintain it and ensure proper water flow through the pipe. Some people prefer to maintain the pipes with baking soda and warm vinegar before rinsing it with boiling water. This home made clearing method is also effective in maintaining and clearing partially blocked drain pipes.

Preventing Choked Drain Pipe in Future

Preventing a choked drain pipe from occurring may be easier than unclogging it. Just ensure that you avoid dumping pieces of solid material into the drain pipe and use a drain screen to filter any solid material from entering the drain pipe. Frequently, long hair is the culprit for choked drain pipe because the drain screen may not effectively filter the hair. If you have ladies with long hair, it may be advisable for them to pick the hair up and throw away.

Why Engage Professional Plumbers?

While some simple drainage choking incidents can be easily overcome using the plunger, serious choking may require the expertise and tools of professional plumbers. Never extend your hand into the drain pipe to clear it because there had been instances where the hand were stuck in the drain pipe. You should also not use any untested tools to clear the blockage because you may break the pipes while doing so. All you have to do is to call us at or email us at for reliable plumbing service. At Plumber Singapore, our licensed plumbers have extensive experience handling clogged drain pipes. As such, they are able to provide high quality services by getting rid of the clogging problem quickly and effectively. For other plumbing services like tap replacement, toilet bowl choked, bathroom accessories installation, etc., please also contact us. Our plumbing rates are very reasonable.

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basin problem - choked drain pipe


If the plunger does not work, you may need professional plumber to unclogged the drain pipe. We have specialized drain snake to clear your drain pipe quickly and easily. Stop spending hours trying to clear your drain pipe with the plunger.


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