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Water ripe repair is frequently required when water pipe leaks or bursts. Unlike cold countries where pipe burst may be due to the freezing of water in the pipe, the cause of water pipe leaks and bursts in Singapore is mainly due to corrosion of pipe or increased pressure of pipe due to the build up of minerals deposited in the pipe.

Leaking water pipe can easily be spotted if you are staying in HDB where the pipes are not concealed. However, it becomes challenging when the pipes are concealed in condominium and landed properties. Locating the leak can be made more difficult if you live in a property with bigger living space. So how do you locate the water pipe leak which requires repair? You can either follow our guide below or call our reliable plumber now.

Locating Leak for Water Pipe Repair

  1. Check the Water Meter
    With all taps turned off, check the water meter before you leave home and again when you return. If the water meter continues to run while you are away, it may be due to a leak in water pipe
  2. Check the Utilities Bill
    When your water utilities bill increase suddenly with no particular reason, you may wish to call a plumber to inspect the water pipe to see if water pipe repair service is required.
  3. Observe the Water Pressure
    If you notice an unusual drop in water pressure when you turn on your tap, it may be a sign that the water pipe has leaked or burst. When there is an opening for water to flow out, you will experience a noticeable drop in flow of water due to the decrease in water pressure.
leaking pipe burst and leak
turn off valve to stop water pipe leaking

What to Do when Water Pipe Leaked or Burst?

When you notice that your water pipe is leaking or has burst, you should look for the nearest water valve leading to the pipe and turn it off. This would stop the water from leaking or flowing out of the pipe and reduce water wastage.

Thereafter, it is time to call a licensed plumber for water pipe repair service, i.e. to fix the water pipe leak or burst.

Experience Plumbers to Fix Your Water Pipe Leaks or Burst

Our plumbers are well-trained and experience in water pipe repair which includes water pipe leaks. Though we are not the typical cheap plumber. Our plumbing fees are affordable and plumbing service is value for money. Call us at (+65) 6871-8768 or email us so that we attend to your situation as soon as possible. We can also take care of other plumbing needs like changing taps, repairing toilet bowl and installing kitchen sink at the same time.

experienced plumber to fix water pipe burst

Reasonable Plumbing Prices

We provide plumbing services at competitive rates. Contact us to get a fee quote on your plumbing service. The more we understand about your plumbing situation, the more reasonable we can quote you.

Our plumbers can effectively and efficiently resolve your plumbing problems. With their plumbing skills, you know that you can relax and the plumbing issues will be fixed very quickly.

Choked drain pipe or sink trap can be unpleasant because you could not drain off the dirty water which you just used to wash your stuff. Get our plumbers in to look at the problem and fix it on the spot.

Though tap does not spoil easily, there will be a time which it fails you. You can always get a plumber to replace the existing tap. Tap installation by the plumbing expert should be pretty fast.

Installing a new kitchen sink must be careful if you are not replacing the existing sink with a similar sink because you must ensure that the new sink is of the same length, breadth and depth. Otherwise, you will meet some challenges when you install.

You have bought a new basin and is ready to get it installed. Our experienced and knowledgeable plumbers will help you with the basin installation. You can leave this to us.


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